Cancer Awareness Talk

G & L Surgical Clinic’s philosophy is to provide the best treatment and care options for their patients.  Dr Ganesh believes that it is his responsibility as a doctor to reach out to raise awareness amongst citizens on pressing healthcare issues and to offer help to communities and individuals in terms of achieving and maintaining a state of optimal health.

He is passionate about conducting health awareness talks for charity organisations. With the fast-paced busy lifestyle that many of us are leading, taking care of our health is even more important these days. He wants to emphasise the importance of prevention.

It brings him great joy to have been able to spend my Saturday with his G&L Surgical team, giving a Colorectal Cancer awareness talk to the folks at Bethel Community and blessing them with a buffet lunch after. The aim of the talk was to raise public awareness to prevent colorectal cancer by resorting to early screening. They received overwhelming response from the audience who were so curious to learn more about pressing healthcare issue and determined to lead a healthier lifestyle. After the talk, he had a Question and Answer segment whereby I personally answered any health-related questions of the audience.

Conducting these talks is part of his effort to give back to society. By offering Colon Cancer Awareness talks he hopes to promote better understanding of the human body and offer practical medical advice to individuals who need it. Hopefully the Colorectal Cancer Awareness talk had impacted the audience and they would get their colon cancer screening done early, passing the message around to their family and friend. Together Dr Ganesh strongly believes that we can prevent colon cancer by going for early screening.