#ShouldIWorry – Lump on Leg

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#ShouldIWorry about the lump on my leg?

Leg lumps can be caused by multiple conditions ranging from infections, inflammation, tumours, and trauma. 

While not all cases are serious, it is essential to look out for signs of increased swelling, deformity, pus or discharge, redness, and warmth. 

One of the more common conditions of a leg lump is a lipoma. A skin lipoma is a soft, fatty growth that develops under your skin. It can be found anywhere on your body but usually forms on your back, arm, or leg. A lipoma typically feels soft and does not cause any pain.

While it is non-cancerous, a lipoma is usually removed for aesthetic reasons or if it compresses a nerve, leading to pain.
If you suspect that you have a lipoma on your leg, or if you have a leg lump that bothers you, Whatsapp 8218 7799 to speak to our friendly staff for advice or visit our website: to find out more.