Lisa Gwee

Lisa Gwee is the founder of G & L Surgical Clinic that specialises in weight loss surgery in Singapore. Armed with many years of management, sales and marketing experience, Lisa effectively runs the clinic’s operations, where she manages various aspects of the medical practice, which include talent sourcing and accounting. Being a resourceful team player, she is able to contribute ideas that are novel and out of the box, and are effective in the implementation of both short- and long-term solutions.

Lisa has spent a huge part of her career working for renown organisations during which she put in place key sales account strategies to meet projected revenues. She was also engaged in various account executions to fulfil different account objectives. What puts Lisa apart from the crowd is her resilience and dedication in pushing for targeted results by implementing powerful sales strategies that are in line with the corporation’s goals and visions.

Being highly enthusiastic in driving results and meeting aspirations, Lisa has acquired a distinctive ability in sourcing for compelling solutions to solve a variety of business needs. She is able to think on her feet and adapt to changing environments and situations, making her one of the most sought-after professionals within the industry. Her intuitiveness is a testament to her efficient management practices that allow her to make sound judgements for her stakeholders when executing management and sales strategies.

Her robust background in Relationship Management, Strategic Planning, Business Development and Business Management, among others, shows her hunger to learn and make an impact.

Beyond her professional self, Lisa is an adventurer who enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures all around the world. Despite being career-driven, she also ensures that she spends time with her family and friends who have played a supportive role in her professional life.

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