#ShouldIWorry – Gallstones
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#ShouldIWorry If I Have Gallstones?

Gallstones are small solid pieces of material typically formed from cholesterol, which accumulate in the gallbladder. In Singapore, it is estimated that 10-16% of the population have gallstones.

These gallstones do not cause symptoms in many cases, and you may not even realise you have them. Most of the time, patients with gallstones only realise they have gallstones when they experience sharp pain in the abdomen’s right side, which may last for several hours. 

While not all cases of gallstones require surgery, you may need to make dietary changes to prevent future complications. However, should that fail to help manage your condition, you will likely need to consider surgery.  
If you suspect that you have gallstones, or you are unsure if your condition warrants surgery, Whatsapp 8218 7799 to speak to our friendly staff for advice or visit our website: to find out more.